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     Far from the abbreviated artist name, Mijomor, is the complex
talent of this Eastern Shore artist. Michael J. Morris has been an
artist all of his life and an art educator since 1975. 
His work has a dynamic illustrative style that reaches out to his viewers.

     Mijomor works in different types of media ranging from graphic design to monoprinting, but his primary medium is oil painting. His subject matter includes people in day-to-day situations, poetry and painting combinations, landscapes, Afristracts (collaged images of Africa), and surrealism that verges on the side of fantasy.

     Mijomor’s visual images communicate a sense of magical expression of time, space, and uniqueness of one’s self.  Each of his works evokes a mood or theme that screams to be seen, to be read, and to be remembered.

     Mijomor (Michael J. Morris) is an artist with a painterly voice that speaks with the softness of a brush stroke and with the power of a cutting edge.

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The Art of Mike "Mijomor" Morris

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